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"The more I know about a customer’s business and specific needs, the better advisor I can be."

Experience and Expertise

Jack is a Partner and has been with GALLINA his entire career. For nearly three decades Jack has observed and learned firsthand the best practices that set the successful, highly profitable companies apart from the marginal ones.

In addition to traditional year-end services, financial, and tax compliance, Jack personally provides value-added services such as tax reduction analysis, planning and consulting, profit enhancement studies, operational efficiency review ( including internal control and accounting procedure review), strategic business plans and long-range goal setting (including succession planning), assisting in the preparation of buy/sell agreements, job cost systems (including indirect overhead allocations and equipment use charges), Transaction analysis (including dispositions/acquisitions and lease versus purchase analysis), financial forecasts, Merger and acquisition consulting (including due diligence, financial and valuation analysis), financial forecasting, budgets and projections and financial benchmarking studies.


Jack’s approach to client service is to build long-lasting relationships based on trust, and provide customers with quality, timely service at a competitive price. Jack’s service model is both personal and hands on. He believes that staying in touch on a year-round basis is essential to understanding a client’s business and specific needs. Jack personally oversees, coordinates and reviews the services and end products delivered to the client.


Jack actively participates in a variety of professional and charitable organizations. He has always maintained the attitude of giving back to the community and profession in which he serves. He believes that giving back isn’t just an option….it’s a way of life.